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The examination of James M. Payne Exor of Thos Brooks decd taken under an order of the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for Goochland County entered on the 25 Septr 1844 in the case of said Exor is Meeshack Hicks admr of Fielding Brooks decd depending in the said Court before the commissioner of said court required to take the accounts directed in said decree. The said Payne being first duly sworn Question by the commissioner Look at memorandum A referred to in [illegible] of T. R. Argyle & now [illegible] you & state about much of the money & which of the sums therein mentioned you have recd of the paper [illegible] mentioned in said order of court & also state if you have recd any other sums of money from said pauper or on amount of said pauper. Answer. I have received an account of work done by the pauper [illegible] fifty eight 75/100 Dollars of T. R. Argyle $35 of T. R. Hatcher $8 of Jas Shellow $20 of W. F. Carter $2.50 cts of J. G. Ging $4.50 cts of John Woodson & $12 of T. D. Armistead of the monies stated in said memorandum & I have never to the best of my recollection received any other of the same named therein nor have I ever to the best of my recollection received any other sum from the said pauper Levy or on account of work done by him. Question by same. Did you ever in any way collect the sum of $14 [illegible] R. Hopkins name on said memorandum or any part thereof. Answer Not that I now recollect. Lewry may have done some work at the poor house in this county where Mr Hopkins lived but I never contracted for any work & do not remember any thing about it: but I suppose if he ever did any work there the books kept by the overseer of the poor of this county will [illegible] the fact & also [illegible] the said sum was paid & the sums above specified as having been received by me make the two sums of $47 & $93 credited in my account of administration on the estate of Thos. Brooks decd Now filed in this suit & seventy five cents was [illegible]