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ment, but not otherwise. 4th Question by same. Have you know this man Lewy Brooks from the time he has been hired by Thomas R. Argyle to the present time & is there any change in his habits since that time? Answer. The first intimation I had of his being hired by Thomas R. Argyle was on the first day of the last court in this month: since that time I have seen him but seldom 7 then at night or in the morning at my house. I have no knowledge that he has remained at my house any day since that time Questn by Thomas R. Argyle acting by the request of James Lyons counsel for Lewy Brooks: Did you ever know James M. Payne to make any effort to hire Lewy out or control him in any way previous to the year 1842? Answer. No-I have no knowledge of his making any effort to hire him out out at any time & as to control, all I know is that previous to that time, James M. Payne, several times requested me to tell Lewy to come to him, which messages I delivered & whether he went to him or not I cannot say. And further this deponent saith not. Benj. Anderson Goochland County to wit: The foregoing deposition was taken subscribed & sworn to by the witness Benjamin Anderson before me a justice of the peace for the said county in Hezekiah Lipscomb tavern at Goochland Courthouse this 26th day of March 1845. Thos. R. Argyle