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The deposition of Frederick Hicks of lawful age taken at Maxeys Tavern in the county of Powhatan on Friday the 29th day of September 1837 agreeable to notice to be used as evidence in a suit now depending in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery for Goochland County wherein Thomas Brooks Sr is plaintiff against Michael Hicks administrator of Fielding Brooks decd Defendant. This Deponent being first duly sworn saith Question by Pltff Do you know any thing of an agreement entered into between Fielding Brooks and Thomas Brooks by which it was agreed that Fielding Brooks was to have certain negroes at the death of Thomas Brooks provided Fielding Brooks would support Thomas Brooks during his life. Answer I know nothing of such an agreement Question by the same Have you known any thing of such an an agreement since the death of Fielding Brooks Answer I was present when the Executor demanded the negroes of Mr. Brooks and he refused to give them up stating at the same time he was willing to keep the negroes for his support so long as he hired. Question by same Was any other person present at the time this conversation took place Answer no Question by the same Do you know that or a Mr. Brooks was in the habit of securing supplies of provisions and other necessaries from Fielding Brooks Answer Mr. Brooks and others told me so tho I do not know it of my own knowledge Question by the same Was old Mr. Brooks in the habit of securing his supplies from the administrator since the death of Fielding Brooks