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James M Payne Exor of Thos Brooks in account with said Brooks estate. 1 January 1839 To hires of two negro men Albert & Lewey belonging to his testators estate at $100 each per annum due this day [viz.?] affidavits of Gray & Payne & deposition of Argyle $ cents 200 1 Jany 1840 To hires of same slaves for year 1839 200 1 Jany 1841 To hires of same slaves for year 1840 200 1 Jany 1842 To hires of same slaves for 1841 200 " " 1843 To hires of same slaves for 1842 200 1st July 1843 To hires of one of said slaves from 1 Jany last to this date the other slaves having died as is understood sometime last winter 50 To value of said slave Lewey 600 Bal due from Jas M Payne the Exor $1650 In pursuance of the annexed order of court your commissioner notified the parties plaintiff & deft of the time & place when he would audit & state the accounts therein directed at which time no one but the defendant Hicks appeared & the same was continued until to day when the said plaintiff exor of Thos Brooks decd [illegible] failed to appear or render any account of his administration of his testator estate when the deft Hicks requested your commissioner to make out an account on the evidence filed charging said Payne Exor of Tho Brooks with the assets of said Brooks estate which your commissioner has done in the above account shewing a balance of sixteen hundred & fifty dollars due from the Pltff Payne to his testators estate on this day being estimated hires your commissioner did not charge interest thereon. AS the Pltff Payne failed to appear before the understand he was unable to render or make [illegible] any other account all which is respectfully submitted this 14 July 1843 W. M. Bryce Comr Commr fee $2