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James [illegible] Payne [illegible] of Ths Brooks decd to [illegible] March 21 to fee for [illegible] at Georges Tavern on ch. C. Bryce in [illegible] of yr admr ast 10.00 26 to [illegible] taking depositions at Goochland Ct. Hous 10.0 27 To [illegible] taking [illegible] at the residence of Geo. Fr. Payne 5.00 27th To [illegible] in suit [illegible] 20.00 23 To [illegible] in [illegible] Bryce at Georges Tavern in [illegible] of admr ast in sd estate 10.00 $55.00 Recd of James ck. Payne [illegible] of Ths Brooks. The [illegible] of Fifty five dollars for the above services Jno. [illegible] Fleming 29th March 1845