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And the estate of Thos Brooks is credited by the annual sum of $240 up to 1829 for the support and maintenance of himself & wife and your commissioner would state that on this account there will be a balance of $786.12 due from the estate of Thomas Brooks dd to the estate of Fielding Brooks decd of which $349.52 is principal and $436.60 interest. Your commissioner estimates of the different items of hires maintenance & value of articles are based upon the affidavits of Gray & Payne before refered to. Your commissioner [illegible] to ascertain the fee simple value of the slaves Albert & Lewey at time of Thos Brooks death prior it at $600 each as per affidavit of Geo Payne before mentioned. Given under my hand this 2d day of August 1842 W. M. Bryce M.C. 5 hours a/c A 2 1/2 hours a/c B