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Dr. Estate of Thomas Brooks dec'd To Lucy Payne To House rent fire wood washing cooking and sometimes food makeing and mending cloth with every necessary [allesation?] day and night to him and his wife. old decrepit and inform from 23d May 1825 untill the death of his said wife on the 24th Feby 1832 6 years [illegible] @ $50 pr year $337.50 To the same services as above stated [undered?] to Thos. Brooks from the death of his said wife on 24th Feby 1832 until his death on 15th May 1838 @ $25 pr year 155.54 $493.04 Goochland County to wit Lucy Payne this day personally appeared before me a justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid, and made oath that the above account of $493.04 cents was justly due to her from the Estate of Thomas Brooks decd that no part thereof was ever paid by him in his lifetime notwithstanding his repeated promise to do so. Given under my hand this 21st day of October 1843 Will [illegible] Goochland County to wit Armindia Bolling this day personally appeared before me a justice of the peace in and for the county aforesaid and made oath that she lived with Mrs. Lucy Payne the greater part of the whole time that the late Thomas Brooks and his wife was under the care and protection of her the said Lucy Payne and that she knows that the services charged for in the above account to have been rendered to them, is right and just, and that without which she knows of no way by which they could have lived. The old lady being entirely helpless, not able to walk a step, and very old and the old man between ninety and one hundred years old, she believes about 100 when he died and for years before and at that time very much afflicted with a cancer and other infirmities so much so that he could not get up when he was down without assistance. That she repeatedly heard him up to the time of his death promise Mrs. Payne that she should be well paid for all her trouble and kindness to him. given under my hand this 21st Octr 1843 Will: Graham