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Account B Brooks vs Brooks Comr case Filed 15 Aug 1842 This report is excepted to because the Commr has allowed the estate of Fielding Brooks a credit for the bond of $353 in 1821. The deed of $1826 is conclusive that no debt was due to Fielding Brooks at that time unless it was included in the $400 mentioned in the deed for by that deed the [son?] for $400 and the maintenance [stopped?] his father and of any others debt had been then due it would have been recited. It is also excepted to because the estate of Fielding Brooks is allowed hires for the slaves. Fielding Brooks having wholly failed in his contract to maintain his father & mother his estate is entitled to nothing but his $400 with interest from the time of its payment (1826) It is also excepted to for the allowance for the use of the articles of furniture and I ask that these exception be considered as made to all the accounts in the case containing these charges. James Lyons for pltff Sep 23 1842 agt the bond and its interest the difference of the hires and cost of maintenance should be set off ie $120 vs $40 per annum during the life of Fielding Brooks