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The Deposition of James C. Bell a witness of lawful age taken on the 10th day of April 1852 before George R. Atkinson one of the Commissioners in Chancery of the Circuit Court of Isle of Wight County to testify and the truth to say on behalf of Jeremiah Delk and Margaret his wife in a matter of account referred to the said Commissioner for settlement by a decree of the said Court rendered on the 21st day of October 1851 in a suit in Chancery therein pending between Barbara who sues for herself and for Lucy Ann, Jim, Pocahontas, , Solomon, Anica, Elizabeth, Lewis, Isham & Amelia Ann plaintiffs & Jeremiah Delk executor of Dawson warren deceased and as administrator of Cherry Warren deceased and in his own right, Margaret his wife formerly Margaret Warren, J.E.L. Delk, Samuel D. Delk, & Thomas G. B. Delk by N.P. Young guardian ad litem.

James C. Bell being first duly sworn deposits and saith

Question by Defendants Jeremiah Delk & wife. Give the names of the Negroes belonging to the estate of Cherry Warren the mother of Dawson Warren? Answer. Barbara & her children, Lucy Ann, Jim, Pocahontas, Solomon, Betsy ^ or Elizabeth, Anaka, Louis, also Peter one old negro Amelia or Semelia Ann and Isham who was a dower negro.

Question by same. When did Mrs. Cherry Warren die? Answer She died in May 1845.

Question by same. At the time of Mrs. Warrens death what was the value of these negroes? Peter an old negro was expensive and died. T/he year in which Dr. Warren died. Semelia Anne about 12 was worth $300. Barbara was worth $500 Lucy Ann was aged 11 or 12 worth $300 Jim aged about 8 years worth $300, Pocahontas about 10 years old $200. Anaka about 6 years old $150, Solomon aged 4 or 5 years, with one eye failing him. $150. Louis between monad and two years old $100. Betsy or Elizabeth nearly 3 years old $100.

Question by same. Did all of these negroes belong to Mrs. Warren in fee simple? Answer They all did except Isham a dower negro and with the exception of the the one with the defective eye they were all young [healthy?] negroes.

Question by sam. Which of these negroes were sent to Mr. Jeremiah Delk in right of his wife Margaret formerly Margaret Warren, a sister of Dawson Warren & when were they sent? Answer: Lucy Ann, Samelia & Solomon, about Christmas 1847.