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of Mrs. Jeremiah Delk, At the time the said slaves were sent I was living with Mr. Jeremiah Delk, & in a short time after the said slaves were sent by Dr. Warren to the said Delk I was at Dr. Warrens residence & I said to him I supposed you & Wm. Delk are about to divide the negroes (meaning the negroes belonging to Cherry Warrens Estate) he said, yes in part, he told me he does not want any of the expensive ones, he thought Mr. Delk might take the two girls & the boy with the impaired eye, Solomon's eye being very much impaired, it being supposed that he might lose it. Dr. Warren said they have a portion of Cherry Warrens negroes still to be divided, soon after Warren sent them to Delks Amelia Ann run away & went to Dr. Warrens & Dr. Warren sent her back to Mr. Delk, I thought at the time from what Dr. Warren said that it was a part of Delks proportion of the bequest of Cherry Warrens Estate. Mr. Delk has continued to have them in possession & has them at this time, they were sent to Mr. Delk some years ago last February. And further this deponent saith not. Signed James C. Bell.

The foregoing deposition was taken, sworn to, & subscribed at the time & place mentioned in the caption before me, a justice of the piece for the of Isle of Wight, Given under my hand this 27th day of April 1855 Joseph [N?] Atkinson