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The deposition of Jmes C Bell taken at the office of [G?]. B. Hayden in Smithfield Isle of Wight County Virginia on the 27th day of April 1853 between the hours of nine OCl & Six OCl, Pursuant to notice to be had as evidence on behalf of Jeremiah Delk, & Margaret his wife, in a suit in Chancery, pending in the Circuit Court of the County aforesaid, in which Barbara & others suing for freedom, are plaintiffs & the said Delk & wife & others are defendants, The said deponent being first duly sworn on the holy Evangelists, deposed as follows, Question 1st By counsel for said Delk & wife, are you acquainted with the slaves Lucy Ann, Soloman, & Amelia Ann, now in the possession of Jeremiah Delk? if so state whatever you may know as to the circumstances, under which the