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Loudown county by virtue of two exectuions upon judgments obtained at the March term 1824 of the superiour court of law of Loudown county in the name of William Elbzey administrator of Thomazin Elbzey deceased against Thomas Philips and Reuben Schooley executor of David Lacey dec one of said judgments is for L63 and costs $33.66. The other is for L 124 and costs $24.03 and one of said judgments was for rents for the years 1811, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1815, 1816, and 1817. The other judgment was for rents for the years 1814, 1815, 1816, and 1817 on those two lotts of land the profits of which were by said David Lacey devised to his wife by the second clause of his aforesaid will as will appear by reference to the same and which is the same of part of the same tract of land that said Thomazin Elbzey who owned the Fee simple estate herein conveged by way of mortgage to Wm Lane on the 9th November 1799 to secure the payment of a sum of money which s' Elbzey borrowed of said Lane. That he the said Lane instituted a suit to the high court of Chancey at Richmond [illegible] to foreclose said mortgage offered in that suit a decree was obtained foreclosing said Elbzey equity of redemption in s mortgaged premise directing the money due thereon to be paid in a given time and in default thereof that the same should be sold by commifsioners appointed for that purpose to satisfy said debt. That said tract of land was accordingly sold at public sale on the 13th August 181 and David Lacey became the purchaser at the price of two thousand eight hundred dollars which sum he paid to the commifsioner who effected said sale and who made and executed to the said David Lacey a deed conveying to him said tract of land in fee [as?] fully appears by a copy of said deed hereto annexed and marked no. 2. The suit aforesaid in which said decree was pronounced and under which said sale was made is not yet determined and is at this time depending in the court of appeals at Richmond in the same of Sally Lane executrix of said William Lane dec. plaintiff against