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[Left Side of Page] of said deposition as now objected to, to be read. It did not appear at that time the declaration of Flora "that if she had her just rights she would be a free woman", was made, but it did appear by the testimony in the cause that the applications which the justice, Howard, told witness was made to him by Flora, was not made within twenty years after she was brought to Va. It further appeared from the petition filed by the plfts, that the claim to freedom at the time of the institution of these suits was [objected?] upon the ground that the said Flora was free by the laws of the State of Connecticut, where she resided before she was taken to New York, and that the claim to freedom for having been imported in violation of the provisions of the statute aforesaid was not relied on until some years after the institution of the suits. To which opinion of the Court in sustaining the objection, the plfts by their counsel [accept?] & to [illegible] the benefit thereof this bill is signed sealed & ordered to be made part of the [Center of Page] record. [Right Side of Page] [Andr.?] [illegible]