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by a citizen of New York removing to Virginia for sale and not for his own use & that she was actually sold immediately after her arrival in Virginia, they should not presume from length of time alone that the importer took the Oath prescribed by the act entitled "and act for [Inventory?] the farther introduction of slaves" passed in 1778 [5t?]. And farther to instruct the Jury that if they are satisfied that the female ancestor of the Plaintiffs under whom they claim their freedom, was imported into Virginia in the 1784 by a citizen of New York, and made a general claim to freedom (without specifying on what ground the claim was made) within twenty years after her importation such claim would prevent the presumption from arising that the Oath was taken by the importer, prescribed in the act passed in 1778 Entitled "An act for preventing the further importation of slaves." Instructions asked for by Pltffs Counsel no date & not sign