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any accuracy what the value of said land was at the death of Jordon Anderson the elder is at any subsequent time, and he therefore calls for proof on that subject, as it shall prove to be important. The respondant admits that Jordon Anderson the younger held and devised ownership, [illegible] his [illegible] over the land devised to him by the said Jordon Anderson the elder. That he made updated [illegible] of the same and devised considerable profits thereupon and that he also held and continued to exercise ownership over the said woman Rachael and her descendants. And the respondant admits that the said Jordon Anderson the younger as Executor of his Father the said Jordon Anderson the elder did as alleged in the Bill set at liberty some of the slaves emancipated by his said [illegible] will, but he [illegible] that he refused to emancipate the woman Rachel and her children because he claimed them as his own property. And he has been informed and believes that even after the death of Jordon Anderson the elder the said Rachel did apply to Col. [Branch?] a Justice of the peace of [great?] intelligence who resided near to and was well