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2nd Sheet quainted with both the Jordan Andersons and their families for his [aid?] as a Magistrate in [asserting?] a [illegible] for her freedom and that the said Justice after an investigation of the matter at a time when [abundant?] his services it is true as to the title of Jordon Anderson the younger & said woman being satisfied that she had no just claim to freedom returned her to said Jordon Anderson the younger as his slave. But the respondant denies that said Jordon Anderson the younger by holding and claiming the land devised to him ought to be considered as having made his [illegible] that he would not afterwards retain his title to the said Rachel and her children because the respondant submits that by retaining Rachel and her children as well as the land, he as much [illegible] to take the [illegible] as the other, and that he can with no more propriety be said to have elected to take the land and [illegible]