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3rd sheet Negroes in possession of Respdt were not parties in the suit against Hall [raised?] in Chesterfield because they were not and never had been in Hall possession. The respondants submit, that he is in no way bound by the decision in that cause, and as to the appeal applied for in that case he states that the application was made on a question of evidence only and not upon the merits.

The respondant proceeding to answer specially the special interrogation propounded in the bill, about that the plffs are the descendants of Rachael and attempted to be emancipated by the deed and will of Jordan Anderson this elder says that Mary is the daughter of Isabel the daughter of Rachael. Mary was born about [1831?] Mary has two children Lucy born in January 1852 Matt in September 1853. Alfred was the son of Milley the daughter of Rachael. Alfred was born in August 1837 Milly being over 21 years of age at the birth of Alfred who And having fully and [illegible] etc.