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Peggy H v. Bailey and Alfred H v Bailey Decree

These causes which have been removed from the Circuit Court of Petersburg and which by consent of parties by Counsel have been docketted in this court came on this day to be heard together by consent of parties by Counsel in the bills answers and exhibits & examination of witnesses and were argued by counsel. On consideration whereof the court being of opinion that the plaintiffs are descendants in the maternal line of the woman Rachel mentioned in the Deed executed by Jordan Anderson the elder in 1790 and in the will of said Anderson, both of which papers are filed as exhibits with the Bill. And being also of opinion that altho' the said Rachel was in the possession of Jordan Anderson the younger at the date of the Deed aforesaid and had been so in his possession for more than five years. And so remained till her death in 1806 or 1807. Yet that if the said Jordan Anderson the younger so held her under a loan from his father that notwithstanding the length of time he so held her his said father