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so that his father had no right to emancipate her by the Deed aforesaid. Yet that having qualified as Ex'or of said will and accepted and held the 250 acres of land therein devised to him made his election to take under the will and to treat and defend the said woman & her Descendants as free according to the terms of said Deed & will [the reasons for these opinions are set forth more fully in a written opinion which will be filed with the papers of these camps]. And the court is opinion that all the plffs in both cases are now entitled to their freedom except three to wit Rose, Henry & William who are children of Ann a daughter of Milly. the said Ann is dead & was born of Milly in 1822 before the said Milly was 21 years of age while they themselves are under 21 years of age. All the wtin plffs were twenty one years of age at the time of the institution of these suits or are descended from a woman more than 21 years of age at the time they or their mother was born. And doth therefore adjudge order and decree that all of plaintiffs in the second of these suits to wit Alfred