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Mary & her children Lucy & Matt and any other child which she may have had since the institution of this suit which persons are in the possession of the Defendant B. Watkins Bailey. And the Plffs in the first of these suits to wit Peggy and her six children Ben Joseph Sydney India Dibbrell & Betsey Harriett the daughter of Ann deceased, Mariah & her children James, Lee, Winfree and [Emnen?], Milly & Paschal of Washington and Tom who are in the possession of the Defendant Mary w. Bailey immediately shall be emancipated and set free to all intents and purposes in like manner as if they had been born free. And the court altho' of opinion that the persons Rose, Henry & William Milly be entitled to their freedom upon their arrival at the age of 21 years. declines at this time to make any order in respect to them reserving the question for for & their compensation And the court without deciding at this time whether the Plffs are entitled to any fines doth adjudge order & decree that Samuel R. Seay of the County of Amelia who is appointed a special Comr for the purpose do take an account of the fines of all the plaintiffs in these suits. Keeping the acase of the plffs in each case separate from the Jany 1860 to the time that the said persons are delivered up by the Defts