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(5) her she will be able should her said children be sold to purchase them herself and so prevent them and their offspring from being forever enslaved, but if they are sold under the present Decree that awful consequence must follow. All which actings &c. are contrary to equity &c. Your oratrix further states that Isaac Richmond, who intermarried with one of the said Stephen Osborn daughters, is claiming not only the share of his said wife in your oratrix said children, but the share of five others of the heirs and distributees of the said Stephen by purchase from them, and has executed a deed of trust for the six shares there claimed by him, to one John S Martin as Trustee to secure one Jonathan Osborn against a responsibility which he incured to Benjamin Estill Esq'r by becoming the security to him for the said Richmond, which will more fully appear by the said deed, recorded in this Court, and which is here refered to and prayed to be taken as a part of this bill. Under this deed