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Sunday afternoon. Dearest Psyche; - I was delighted to get your nice, interesting letter. I wanted to sit down and answer it at once but circumstances, etc. forbade, but I'll try again in the quiet of Sunday afternoon. Lloyd wrote me that he got a nice card from " Sister Blanche", then brought it home for me to see, saying both times that he was going to answer it right away - that's what he said - but Well, he left Thursday morning for Atlanta where he expects to get his traveling orders. He is going with the War Production Board. He really went first to Goldsboro to see Ruth for an hour or so, then to Camp Davis at Wilmington where he spent the night with Billy. He wrote me that Billy was the 4th in the class of 37 men who were sent there and that May first he will go to Harvard for a six months' course in radio, also that he will probably be promoted to first lieut. before leaving Camp Davis. Lanier passed the examination which will make it probable that he will be sent to one of the Law schools right away. One is at the University of Va., the other out west-if he could only get to the University! We are trying not to hope for such luck as that. No doubt you have gotten little Phil's address which Bertha sent by now. He writes really cheerfully; in fact it is a source of real joy to me to know that all three of them are real soldiers, accepting army rules and regulations as no more than their part. Philip will be rushed thru his basic training in four weeks, instead of sixx three months, then will have to go somewhere else. I like having daughter Jane here with me. She is a sweet little thing with plenty of sense. Anne is entranced with her which makes it better still. All in all Naomi is doing nicely up to the present-but how she longs to fly southward! This has been one of the longest, gloomiest, coldest winters I ever spent. I just wanted to yell and beller Thursday when I could not go with Lloyd at least as far as Atlanta. I would certainly give anything if I could come on to visit you now, but see no chance. Am sorry I spoke of it at all, tho at the time there was some possibility that we could come down. Am hoping that you all can get up here in the summer. Last Sunday and Monday were bitter. A deep snow fell Sunday and the thaw the next day was worse than the actual snowfall. Today the sun is bright but the deceitfulness of spring is in the air! It was too bad about Jean's car. I certainly do hope she can find it. Suppose she had insurance but even that will not necessarily mean that another car can be bought. I fear.