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Yes, Friday was Tucker's birthday. Lillian observed it by breaking out with German measles! She had spent the preceding day with Ida holding the twins every minute they were awake, so she has much disturbed on their account; however, Dr. Scott assured her that it would do them no harm. She looked mighty bad and is uncomfortable, but came down stairs today-says she has never felt actually sick, but is itchy and badly swollen, besides is unable to use her eyes. She works too hard on the Red Cross knitting, so a day or so in bed is not entirely a misfortune. She certainly enjoyed the visit to her sister. Mrs. Bass has a locker in the big cold storage plant in Winchester where she stores all sorts of things instead of canning them. Lillian said they ate fresh raspberry ice cream, fresh peaches, etc., not only that, but last summer her issteras husband bought beef and dressed chickens when they were cheap and had a plentiful supply of them also. This rationing is rather inconvenient. When the ban went on butter last Sunday night, I had less than a fourth of a pound in the house to last a week. Much to the joy of the family, Lloyd's sister Olive sent me a pound the next day; rather she had sent it to Lynchburg on Sat., but I did not get it until Monday. That has kept us going the past week. Bertha wants meat every day, and since she eats so very little, it amy go hard with her when none can be bought even with ration cards. I must tell you how bad off she is (you can reply in separate note). In the first place, that eczema is worse than it has ever been, then she suffers constantly with arthritis. She confessed this morning that she is never out of pain, is conscious of it all night. I asked her to let a doctor to give her some of the countless pain relieving remedies, but she said no. She added that once you brought her something that was grand, bringing her instant relief, but that somebody told her it was dangerous and that Johnny Jennings threw it out of the window. So you see I really can do nothing for her - but she looks terrible and shows in her face that she is in pain. I am sure there is nothing that could hurt her more than canstant pain, but she will not consider taking even one tablet of anything for fear of some efffect on her general condition. I must say she never complains and is really the most cheerful member of the household with all this! That wen on her leg seems to me to be much larger and that too hurts her at times. Yes, she got a letter from Janet too. Like you, I wonder that the day should come that mother's grandchild should spend Sunday washing and cleaning. Really I have not patience with people who place such value on a job. Janet ought to give up that office work and stay at home. It made me sick to read what she said about taking work home at night because they would have to employ colored people in the office in order to keep the work going and they "did not want that element there". Such narrow minded