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rot I never heart! If there is not soon a race riot it certainly won't be the fault of the white people, many of whom must be inferior else they would not live in such fear of "equality". The News went into hysterics and published an article which really should put the editor in jail for disloyalty all because two negro soldiers were sent to the army training school at Washington and Lee. Of course they blamed Roosevelt. I can't help believing that we are already defeated in our own borders. There is a spirit of unrest in Lynchburg, but of course it is kept up and fanned constantly by the whites who haven't sense and loyalty enough to try to be one nation at this time. Grace said Julia told her she could not clean any more, was thinking of going to the country. Bertha thinks even Price is not exactly himself, but I do not notice any change in his manner. He is working only halftime now, and the hours of his absence make me appreciate him fully. He is trying to do some farming at his home; besides does jobs in the neighborhood which pay him well, so I can't blame him for making any extra money these days. Harry Jones is better, still in bed tho with pneumonia. Don't know when he will have to go to the army. Hon makes out fine riding the bus and walking to it some of the time. She looked bad a few weeks ago, I though, but recently seems very well. She is so unsettled and dissatisfied and talks much about getting herself a room or apartment. If she and Annie Bob lived in separate stats all would be peaceful! Maurice Martin told Sadie that he had been to Greenfield recently and that he found Murray really bad off, that his mind did not really seem clear. What do you all hear from him? Agnes came to Lynchburg last Friday to help her mother pack. Can't remember whether I ever told you that the Burys lost their home. It seems that they martgaged it a few years ago, so just after Thanksgiving it was sold at auction. Mrs. Bury has never mentioned it to a soul, not even her sister-in-law, Isabel Perrow. She got a room near out this way, and Mr. Bury went to work for the Government at Camp Pickett. We heart that old Mr. Perrow would have bought it in for her if Mr. Bury had treated him half-way decently. I really believe they (the Burys) thought the war would end and some more money would be coming from England before the house would have to be sold. Agnes says they really have nothing, that her father has heard nothing from over there since the ward first appeared probable/. He has applied for a job engineering (graduated at V.M.I.) and has received notice to be prepared to go either to Pearl Harbor, or somewhere else as far away on twenty-four hours' notice.