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rot I never heart! If there is not soon a race riot it certainly won't be the fault of the white people, many of whom must be inferior else they would not live in such fear of "equality". The News went into hysterics and published an article which really should put the editor in jail for disloyalty all because two negro soldiers were sent to the army training school at Washington and Lee. Of course they blamed Roosevelt. I can't help believing that we are already defeated in our own borders. There is a spirit of unrest in Lynchburg, but of course it is kept up and fanned constantly by the whites who haven't sense and loyalty enough to try to be one nation at this time. Grace said Julia told her she could not clean any more, was thinking of going to the country. Bertha thinks even Price is not exactly himself, but I do not notice any change in his manner. He is working only halftime now, and the hours of his absence make me appreciate him fully. He is trying to do some farming at his home; besides does jobs in the neighborhood which pay him well, so I can't blame him for making any extra money these days.