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Jimmie Hancock is still trying to get into the army - is dying to go, but as Fate decrees, he has not been called; in fact, he went to Bedford to find out why he had not received his notice-they had told him at the draft board there that he would be called the 20th of March - and would you believe it, they just said they had forgotten him. And to add to this, now they do not want him to volunteer but to sit around and wait to help fill out Bedford's April quota! This should be reported to Washington and I hope somebody does it. Jimmie gave up his job at Radford and came home for a three weeks vacation before going, as he thought on the 20th. Well, the war has brought some good; Bland Gardner is in England as happy, or happier tyan the king, and the Thornhills were finally relieved of that dreadful son-in-law, Clarence Reams when he was drafted two weeks ago. Agnes fears that Billy will have to go in about two months. I cannot think of such a thing without giving up entirely. Certainly hope Clay will escape. Little Clay is a real genius and I know Helen is a darling soul. Would love to see them. Wish I could have some of those canned tomaytoes and grapefruit. When we went to church this morning, Rivermont Ave. was in a fever over the fall of the army plane in James River - you se an account of it in the paper. Mrs. Plunkett saw it when it went down. She was watching for her son and he just waved to her. She collapsed and di not know for thirty minutes that the boys were saved. The colored boy showed wonderful sense and courage. The lifesaving crew said that they could not have gotten there in time to save them. Grace and her household are well and all right. Eleanor recovered from the siege of teeth extraction very quickly. Dick Hancock has recovered sufficiently to go downtown - but he would not be called robust yet! He went down once with his valet in attention and tho the trip tired him a great deal, he seems to be having no bad after-effect from it. Well, this must end sometime and the time is now! Love for Teddy and Jean and Bertha and family. With dearest love for yourself, I am Devotedly Lily