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To the Whorshipfull Court of Lunenburg County; The Memorial of James Macfarland in behalf of John Campbell who was born in that part of Great Britain called Scotland and who emigrated from hence on the 1st day of August 1810 for the United States with the sole view of becoming a Citizen thereof & residant therin, the laws of the United States at that time admiting thereof; Humbly Showeth , that, he arrived at Norfolk in Virginia on the 18th day of September 1810 then aged 14 year and 8 days and came immediatly and directly up to Macfarlands in this County and has remained there ever since now upwards of three years and is bound an Apprentice to the dais James Macfarland: And being advised that the last of the session of Congress have made provision for naturalization; being anxious and willing to embrace every chance of becoming a Citizen of the United States (his only view in coming hither) and trusting and hopeing the late laws may embrace his case- prays your Worshiped to have this Memorial entered on your books of record that he may be enabled to take advantage of the late laws, or of any other Congress in their Wisdom may devise, when proper for him to do so your Memorialist as in duty bound will ever pray [?] Lunenburg County October 26th 1813} James Macfarland in behalf of John Campbell John Campbell