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Norfolk Borough At a Hustings Court held the 28th day of February 1828. William Hilton a runaway slave having been confined in Jail more than twelve months and having been advertised according to law, It is ordered that the Sergeant make sale of the said runaway slave according to law. Copy Teste, Swepson Whitehead CC. [clerk of court]

Account sales of negro man William Hilton who was committed to the Jail of Norfolk Borough on the 8th of February 1827 & sold at auction this 7th day of April 1828 as a runaway slave by virtue of an order of the court of said Borough made at February term last & hereunto annexed. Negro William Hilton sold to the highest bidder & purchased by Wm [William] Serell for $295: -

Charges Sergeants commission . . . 14.75 N. Currier Jailor his acc't . . 123.25 S. Whitehead Ck for his fees . . 3.05 T. G. Broughton for advertising . . . 12.- Doctr R. B. Stark his acct . . . 21.37 [total] 174.42 [295 - 174.42 =] $120.58 Wm W. Lamb Dep for Wm B. Lamb Serg't:

I Wm W. Lamb dep for Wm B Lamb Serg't of said Boro: do hereby certify that in conformity with an order of the court of sd. Boro: made on the 28th Feb'y last, I did this day sell to the highest bidder negro man Wm Hilton who was committed to the Jail of s'd Boro: as a runaway & that one hundred & twenty dollars & 58 cts is the amount produced by the sale of s'd negro Wm Hilton after deducting the jail fees & other charges as appears by the acc't returned to the Clerk of the court of said Borough. Wm W Lamb Dep: for Wm. B. Lamb Serg't: - Copy Teste, Swepson Whitehead CC

Norfo. Boro. Clerks Office 19th April 1828.