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Virginia, At a court held for Westmoreland County the 25th day of July 1831 The commissioners appointed to Value John Boy a runaway in the jail of this County, this day made their report, and it appearing that the said John Boy is not of sufficient value if sold at public auction to pay his jail fees, It is ordered that he be advertised forthwith and sold by the sheriff of this County at public auction on the first day of the next court A Copy Vesty Hm Hult Clk Pursuant to the annexed order of the County Court of Westm"d I sold on the 22d day of August 1831, that bring Court day, at Westmd CHouse, John Boy a runaway who was confined in the said Countys Jail, and the said runaway was purchased by Wm H. Sanford at public auction for the sum of $82.00 Deduct 5 p Ct. Commission 4.01 $77.99 (deduct Jail fees and expences) Jail fees $44.25 Pd for taking up 13.00 Pd Editors for advertising 13.67 Pd WY Sherman atto for having order of Ct made H 2.50 73.42 Bal in shffs hands $4.48 Given under my hand this 1 day of Sept 1831 WG Walker Dy of [illegible] Sr Ct A Copy clerk, William [illegible] CC