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In Hanover County Court, December 23rd 1834. A Report made by John D. Andrews, William C. Winston & Benjamin Pollard Jr., valuers appointed by an order of this Court, of the valuation of George, a runaway slave now confined in the Jail of this County, being returned, and the Court being of opinion that the said runaway will not sell at Public auction for a sum sufficient to pay the prison fees and other expences, after being confined in Jail twelve months; do fix the time of imprisonment of the said runaway until the 27th day January next, at which time it is ordered that the Sheriff do make sale of the said runaway, having previously advertised the time and place of such sale according to Law. A Copy. Teste, Philip B. Winston C.H.C.

I Philip B. Jones Deputy for Carter Berkeley Sheriff and Jailor of the County of Hanover do hereby certify that the following is an account of sales & legal expences for apprehending dieting etc. of a runaway slave the property of David Hardy sold under the annexed order of the County Court of Hanover 1834 Nov. 3d. Committing said runaway slave to Jail... $ .50

                      Dieting said slave George 85 days @ 25¢ per day... 25.25
                      Fee for apprehending and mileage...5.40
                      Paid postage on letter to David Hardy, Richmond... .06
                      Releasing said slave...   .50
                      Paid Pleasants & Abbott for advertising sale of said slave George agreeably to the annexed order}2.25

Paid the Clerk of Hanover his fee...2.00 5 per cent Commissions on sale of said slave...1.02 [total=]$36.98 Cr. 1835 Janry. 27th. By this sum for the sale of said slave . . .20.50 [36.98 - 20.50=] $16.48 P.B. Jones D.S. for Carter Berkeley Shff: and Jailor The above is a copy of the certificate and account of sales of George, a runaway slave, sold under the foregoing order of Court, and of the expenses incurred for apprehending dieting etc. returned to the