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Virginia to Wit: At a County Court of Augusta continued and held at the Courthouse of said County on Wednesday the 26th day of March 1845. The Commissioners appointed on the 24th day of February last to appraise a runaway (committed to the jail of this County) by the name of Catharine this day returned into Court their report in the words and figures following "In pursuance of the above order the undersigned who were appointed for the purpose have viewed the negro woman Catharine mentioned in said order and appraise her to One hundred dollars respectfully Alexander L. Hall, William Craig, E. May March 20th 1845. Upon consideration of which report and the Court being of opinion that said runaway will not sell at public auction, for a sum sufficient to pay the prison fees and other expenses, after being confined in jail twelve months, It is ordered that the jailor do keep said runaway imprisoned until the 14th day of July next unless her master or owner or some person for them shall appear and establish claim to her. after which time if no such claims shall be established the Sheriff of this County shall make sale of said runaway after the time and place of sale being advertised as required by law. Copy Teste J Kinney, Clk. The following is a copy of the Sheriffs return of sale made in pursuance of the above order viz "In pursuance of the law after having duly advertised the sale, I proceeded to sell Kitty Brooks who was committed to the jail of Augusta County as a runaway slave at public auction in front of the Courthouse of said County on Monday the 14th day of July 1845. and Elijah May being the