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highest bidder became the purchaser at the price of $137.75 from which deduct Commission 5 pr Ct. [per cent] 6.88 Amount paid R. Turk who arrested & committed her to Jail - the legal reward 5.00 Jail fees - To maintaining said Kitty Brooks from the 14th of January 1845 to this day 182 days at 25¢ pr day 45.50 Commitment & releasment 1.00 paid R. Turk legal milage - she being arrested 12 miles from Jail. 1.20 To paid printer (K Harper) for publishing sale etc 3.50, 63.08 $74.67 Deduct also Clerks fees 2.00 $72.67 Jamison T. Wilson Jailor Teste J. Kinney, Clk. Decr 2nd 1845 County Ct H of Auga [Augusta] Decr 2d 1845 J E Heath [illegible] auditor & Sir The above report was returned to my office by the jailer on yesterday - Will you do me the favor to inform the D Shffs of Augusta, of its return to your office. they are now in Richmond and will settle the acct. I believe the balance was paid to Wm H Garber D Shff. Yours respectfully J Kinney