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At a Court of Monthly Session begun & held for Nelson County at the Courthouse on Monday the 27th day of June 1854. James W Goodwin Jailor of this County having this day made his report in reference to a runaway Slave Hudson now confined in the Jail of this County, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that said Jailor has complied with the law in all things in relation to runaway slaves, and it appearing to the like satisfaction of the Court that said Hudson has been confined in said Jail as a runaway for more than six months last past, this is therefore to require the Sheriff of this County to advertise said slave at the door of the Courthouse to be sold for cash and that on that day said Sheriff make such sale and make report to this court. A Copy Teste Tho J Massie Ckl. In obedience with the foregoing order I Joseph H Shelton Shff of Nelson County on Monday the 24th day of July 1854 that being Court day proceeded to sell the above named boy Hudson When Wm. M Cabell became purchaser being the highest bidder at $1055.00 Deduct charges. Cash paid Editor Richmond Whig for advertising [pr Rpt.?] $12.50 [" ditto] [cash] paid for clothing 12.40 [cash] paid Dr. J R Elsom his a/c [account] 1.00 [cash] [paid] Dr. J M Shelton his a/c 2.00 [cash] [paid] J N. Goodwin Jailor Pr Rept. 98.63 [cash] [paid] Wm H Moore A/c for arresting etc. 11.40 [cash] 5 pr Cent for Commissions on sale 52.75 190.68 [subtotal] $864.32 [cash] Deduct Clerks Costs 1.00 [total] $863.32 July 26th 1854 Joseph H Shelton Shff N.C. [Nelson County] At a Court of Quarterly Session Continued by adjournment and held for Nelson County at the Courthouse on Wednesday the 26th day of July 1854 Joseph H Shelton Sheriff of this County this day returned his report of the sale of Hudson a runaway negro man confined in Jail, which was order to be copied and certified to the auditor of Public accounts, according to Law. A Copy: Teste, Thomas J. Massie Ckl