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At the May term of Circuit Court Clarke in Case of Commonwealth vs David Collins an order was made directing the Sheriff to sell sd [said] David Collins to the Highest bidder for Cash, after first advertising according to Law sd. order was executed. J. D. [Showalter?] purchaser at $830.00 5 pr ct Com on $830 $41.50 Cost of [suit?] Retained 26.78 Jail fees for sd Collins 5.00 $73.28 $7.5[6.82?] Clerks Claim $15.00 from Bar Paid to him 190.00 Check 551.72 $756.72 Berryville Clarke Co Aug 21 D sir: Above is statement of proceeds of sale of David Collins and Enclosed is a check for $551.72/100. Also Com Fee claim for $190 clerks do [ditto] $15. which amts have been paid to them by me. You will please send me a Rect [receipt] for the amt. Yours most Respt C B Hancock