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Virginia At a court held for Montgomery County the 1st day of October 1855. Floyd Smith Jailor of this county having reported to the court that there was committed to the jail of this county on the 16th day of January last a runaway slave named Ned who alleges that he belongs to Delila Lynn of Stokes county, North Carolina, and it appearing to the court by satisfactory proof that he was forthwith advertised, by the Jailor. at the courthouse door of this county and no owner having claimed him within one month he was advertised in the Richmond Whig & Montgomery Herald (the latter circulating near the jail) for six weeks and the said runaway not being claimed by the owner within four months after the advertisement aforesaid was ended which was on the 3rd day of May 1855. It is ordered by the court that the said Floyd Smith sheriff of this county make sale of the said slave in front of the courthouse door of this county on the first day of the next court after such notice at the court house door as in the case of slaves levied on and after deducting from the proceeds a commission of five per cent the Jailors lawful fee and other charges: and the apprehension & his expense of the trip to Smythe courthouse & the Jailors expenses and the reward for apprehending in Smythe County (he having broke Jail here & was retaken in Smythe) and also paying to Messrs Staples & Wade the sum of Twenty five dollars for defending said slave, who was charged with felony; shall pay the residue into the Public Treasury. A Copy Teste R. D. Montague C