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James Caskies affidavit Keer's petition Deduct the aggregate from the amount of debts then due by the Compy $10,249.00 There will remain an amount due from the company beyond their immediate resources of 5467.00 4th Annual salaries of agents To the Senior overseer 225.00 To the second overseer 165.00 to the third overseer 144.00 To the toll taker (exclusive of fire wood estimated at 25$) 300.00 To an assistant 72.00 To the clerk and accountant 80.00 [Total] $986.00 Encumbered with so large an amount of debt possessing comparatively a very slender revenue, with expensive operations yet remaining to be performed; the Directors are unable to see by what means they will be enabled to complete the work committed to their management without further assistance from the Legislature. But when they advert to the great amount already furnished by the stockholders, the very limited aid hitherto afforded to this compared with many other institutions of a similar kind its proximity to completion, the liberal interest it promises to the capital embarked, and above all the comfort, safety and accommodation it offers to travellers; as well as those engaged in transpor