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To The Hon:ble Speaker and House of Delegates The Petition of Robert Baine Humbly Sheweth.

That your petitioner was obliged some time in the year 1775.do leave this State for the recovery of a very considerable Sum of Money which he was in danger of loseing in the West Indies; but with afixed resolution of rewining so soon as he should have Accomplished that business; which he conceived he had a right to do, having lived in Virginia for more than Fifteen Years, a Trader on his own Account, and neither partner with, of Factor for any British Subject. That being about to return in the Year 1776 the proclamation issued in that Year, commanding Natives of Britain under various descriptions to depart this States came to his hands; but being doubtfull if he came within the meaning, of it, he hesitated about returning for sometime, untill he lost the Opportunity which then presented; nor was it in his power to execute his intentions untill the month of August 1780 when he embarked from Britain for Charles Town and was taken on his passage and carried into Philadelphia from whence he came to Virginia. Your Petitioner begs leave to shew, that, in his absence, a Valuable plantation Containing 600 Acres in the County of Henrico, with Stock of all kinds, Plantation Utensels Sc;a and a Tenement in the Town of Richmon, Household of Kitchen Furniture