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To the Hon`ble the Speaker and other Members of the house of Delegates of Virginia,

The Remonstrance of Sundry the Freeholders and other Freeman of the County of Henrico. Humbly sheweth That from the vicinity of our Situation to the seat of Government we have had an opportunity of hearing that there now lies before your Hon~ble House a Bill to exclude particular Classes of British subjects from the rights of Citizenship within this Commonwealth the propriety of this measure appears so obvious to us that we should not have offered to your Hon~ble Body our Sentiments upon the subject had we not been to our great surprize informed that the Bill was like to meet warm opposition in it's passage, we have been even informed but know not how to believe that some Gentlemen of great Enfluence in the Legislature mean to exclude those only who having taken the Oaths of Allegiance to our Government have afterwards adhered to the British Interest men whose lives are already forfeited as Traitors to their Country and against whom we conceive no prohibitory Laws are now necessary,