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But we as a part of that great Community over which you preside beg leave to present to you our oppinion on this important point submitting it to your determination with the firmest reliance on the wisdom and Patriotism of your Hon~ble House as Freemen sensible of and putting a proper value upon those Blessings we have just obtained and for which we have required every thing that is dear to us, we can not hear without the utmost concern that there exists the most distant probability of admitting to an equal participation of those Blessings with ourselves men who have hazarded nothing in the attainment of them who have been been zealous in opposition to our Cause and who have in many instances exorted their whole powers to reduce us to the most servile Subjection to British Tyranny. We conceive that those persons who are most obnoxious and who can not with safety be suffered to return among us may be classed under three heads. 1 All Natives of America who have taken part with Britain in the late Contest or who have resided in the British Dominions without giving some assurance of Attachment to our Interests 2d Those who have previous to the war resided in Country and enjoyed with us all the blessings of tranquility but who in the day of Danger left us alone to combat British Oppression