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To the Honourable the Speaker and the Members of the Assembly The Petition of John Younghusband Humbly Sheweth Unto this Honourable House, that Your Petitioner in the year One Thousand seven hundred and seventy six, left Ireland with an intention of taking in a Cargoe of Merchandise at London, and from thence to proceed to Virginia, where it was his design to settle himself with his family, in the neighbourhood of his Briother who resided in that Country; but on reaching England he there learned that all Commerce with and Importation to, Virginia was prohibited by Parliament as well as by the Sovereign power in America and was therefore obliged to declare his intended plan of business, in hope of meeting with some future and more favourable opportunity of prosecuting it. Some time after, having been entrusted by some merchants with the command of a ship having on board a very large quantity of Merchandise intended for America, he was stopped by order of the British Ministry and obliged to give security in the sum of one hundred thousand pounds Sterling, for