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complied with this requisition, but at the same time not losing sight of his original design, he brought out his Wife with him to Newyork fully determined to continue on this Continent untill end of the war, and then (should it be no sooner practicable) endeavour to establish himself in Virginia. In the mean time however he was obliged to exert himself in some manner to acquire a subsistence, and for this purpose carried a small trade in New York, untill after the capture of Charles town by he British, when his health beginning to decline, he was persuaded to remove thither being assured that he would [recap?] considerable benefit from that climate; but after remaining in Charlestown during several months, his Constitution being still more impaired, the Mountain air was prescribed as most likely to prove efficacious for his recovery; and in perseverance of this advice he removed to the neighbourhood of Ninety-six in South Carolina, where he had not been long, when he fell into the power of General Greene, who, upon hearing his case gave him permission to come to Virginia to visit his Brother, who immediately after his arrival represented the matter to Governour Nelson, and by desire of your Petitioner sollicited liberty for him to remain in this State and to become a Citizen thereof; in place of which, he was ordered to consider himself a Prisoner and to confine himself to his Brothers plantation; which he did for upwards of three months; when on representing his situation to His Excellency of the present Governour and Council he was released from his confinement which had proven extremely injurious to his health, was admitted to his parole and had a prospect held out to him of being received as a citizen; in consequence of which, and flattered by the assurances which were given him by all those to whom he represented his situation, his sentiments and his conduct while in New York, (for which he wishes to appear to [illegible?] knowledge of several gentlemen in Virginia) that his desires to reside here would undoubtedly be qualified on application to the Legislature, he went again to New York to bring from thence his Wife and Family, and having returned with them to Virginia, secured his application to the Executives to be admitted as a citizen, who satisfied of this propriety of his conduct, but thinking this permission required was not within their province to grant, reccomanended the address to this Honourable House which he now presumes to offer, from this State of North Carolina, whither he has by direction withdrawn himself untill the pleasures of His Honourable House shall be knowing; and if a lasting and a warm attachment to His Independance and happiness of these United States; if repeated services rendered to the subjects of this country while prisoners in New York, can Have any merit; and if a Frame debilitated by a solicitude and anxiety to acquire the priviledge of Citizenship, and several years wasted in fruitless attempts to obtain that desirable end can have any claim to indulgence then Your Petitioner may with assurance of that indulgences pray, that he may be permitted to take is Oath of Allegiance to this Commonwealth and to reside therein as a Citizen. And Your Petitioner as in Duty bound Will ever pray 8th Novemr 1782.