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for the said County of Lancaster in the second Judiciary district of the said Commonwealth; as will now fully appear, by a certificate under the Seal of the said Court, subscribed by John Hubley, Prothonotary of the said court, also exhibited herewith. Your Petitioner believes, and opes that he shall be able to prove, if required by your honorable house, that the said Richard Smyth departed this life an unmarried man and without issue lawfully begotten; and that it was his intent , by the said Nuncupative will, to dispose of all his Estate in favor of, and to your Petitioner, under the restrictions therein mentioned; the most important of which is, the payment of all his just debts; but he hath been advised and believes that such intent cannot be carried into full effect without an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth, vesting his the testator's real estate within the same in your Petitioner: and your Petitioner hath reason to believe and doth believe, that the just debts of the said Richard Smyth cannot be paid out of his personal Estate, or so much thereof as your Petitioner can come by in his character of administrator of that Estate, with the said Nuncupative will annexed which hath been duly committed to him, by the said Court of Hustings of the City of Richmond to which Court the commitment of the administration doth rightfully belong; although he now is, and for some time past previous to the date of the said Will, hath been, an inhabitant of the said City. Your Petitioner, therefore, prays that your Honorable house will graciously take the premises into consideration, and for carrying the intent of the said deceased Richard Smyth into full effect, and the payment of his debts and other purposes intended by the said Nuncupative Will enact that the real estate late of the said Richard Smyth shall be vested in your Petitioner.