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an admission of your Petitioner Mary, to the much esteemed, and glorious Privileges of being a Citizen of the United States, and the said Petitioner was, also, of the same opinion from the Advice they had received. In the mean Time, the said William Ryan acquired, (Chiefly, indeed, by the Industry, and Oeconomy of your said petitioner Mary, as she can prove if required) considerable real property Consisting of a Lot in the City of Richmond and known in the Platt by No. 17 (seventeen). Being sick and weak, but of sound Understanding, on the 24th Day of October, in the year of our Lord, One thousand eight hundred and eleven, the said William Ryan duly made and published his Testament and Last Will, and appointed Thomas Pulling and James Lynch to be Executors thereof. both of these Gentlemen reside in the said City of Richmond; but the former hath not, hitherto, done what the law requires, in order to entitle him to a Certificate for obtaining a Probat thereof, tho the latter hath. The following words were contained in that Testament and last Will. "My Will and desire is, that all my real Estate "Shall be immediately sold, second, And that the money received for the same, or the amount of the sale, shall be divided into 'two equal parts. Third, that one part shall go to my wife Mary Ryan ("meaning your Petitioner Mary") and the other part be divided into three equal portions, one of which portions I will shall go, to my Nephew William Ryan son of Lawrence Ryan, another of the three Portions shall go to my Nephew Lawrence Ryan, son of Patrick Ryan, and the remaining portion of the three, shall go to my Niece Mary Ryan now in Cashall in the County of Tipperary, Ireland, Kingdom of Great Britain. Your petitioners suppose that the Testator thought that all the portioners to whom the second moiety arising from the sale of his real Estate, was bequeathed, were then in Oreland; but since his Death, persons, calling themselves by the names of William Ryan, and Lawrence Ryan, arrived in Richmond aforesaid; who pretend to be the Persons for whose benefit it was made; but neither of them is yet; or by the laws of the United States could be naturalized, since his arrival and the Testators Niece Mary is supposed to be still in Ireland. That Instrument was proved before the Court of Hustings for the said City of Richmond, by two of the subscribing Witnesses, as the Will of the Testator, on the ninth day of December, in the same year [in pencil 1811] and by James Lynch one of the Executors therein named, at a Court held therein January Eighteen hundred and twelve tho' (by mistake of a Clerk, he is called Jno. Lynch in the Copy hereunto annexed) who gave a bond with two securities for the faithful Execution of his office, in the Penalty of four thousand Dollars. The said James Lynch, soon after so doing, sold the said Lott with its Appendages and Appurtenances, and your said Petitioner Mary became the Purchaser at the price of Two thousand Nine hundred and five Dollars; but hath not yet paid the purchase money, or obtained a Conveyance tho' she hath remained in Possession of the lot, as she was before the purchase. But it was suggested to her, that she could not, by any Conveyance, take the said Real Estate to her own use and benefit, as the admission of her late Husband, when a live, could not have the effect of making her a Citizen, with him. To remedy that inconvenience, she made application to the Court of the United States, for the fifth Circuit, and District of Virginia, at its Session in May 1812, (she being still an unmarried woman,) and was thereby permitted to become a Citizen of the Unites States - official copies of the admission of her said late Husband as a Citizen, of his said last Will and Testament, and of the Permission of herself to become a Citizen of the said United States, are hereunto annexed and numbered