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in their order, No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3. Since the Date of that Permission she hath become the Wife of William Lamb, your other Petitioner. They are now willing and ready to perform the contract of your Petitioner Mary, when an unmarried woman, respecting the Purchase of the said Real Property, - provided they can have a Conveyance made, giving them or the said Mary a Legal and secure title to the same, especially against the Claim of the Commonwealth, if it should be the opinion of this honourable House, that the Commonwealth hath a Paramount claim thereto, under all the Circumstances aforesaid and if such should be the opinion of the House, they are induced to hope, from the liberality formerly exercised by proceeding general Assemblies, that the House will grant to them, or to the said Mary the price arising from the Sale of the one half thereof, which is bequeathed to her by the Will of the said William Ryan, or the Title of the Commonwealth thereto, at least, and that should it be further the opinion of the House that it would be more advisable and Constitutional that they should have the other half of the said Price, then the Devisees thereof, (who are all Aliens,) your Petitioners being both Citizens they hope, and pray, that the House and the whole General Assembly will graciously release the Title of the Commonwealth to them, or to your Petitioner Mary And as in Duty bound, your Petitioner's shall ever pray &c [signed] William Lamb Mary her + mark Lamb