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To the Honourable the Speaker and Gentlemen of the House of Delegates. The Petition of Elizabeth Flood humbly sheweth that her son in law Archibald MCall lately returned into this State with his Daughter Catharine, Grand daughter ti your Petitioner a young woman of sixteen years of Age, The said Catharine is now with your Petitioner, is her only descendant, the Prop and stay of her old age, and intitled by the Death of your Petitioners Husband to an ample Inheritance in this State, which she wishes to enjoy here, But fond as she is of her Native Country, dutiful as she is to your Petitioner, one duty is still more binding, and Love for her Father who has shared no pains on her & Education has determined her to fix her Residence in that Country wherever it is, where his lot shall be cast Your Petitioner has heard that Mr MCall has presented a Memorial to the Honourable House, Praying for admission as a citizen, should that be granted, your Petitioner would be happy. Her Grandchilds Company, to her the most desirable thing in Life, might be enjoyed thro' the small remainders thereof, and she might have the Pleasing Prospect, of one day having thro' her, Posterity which may be useful in this rising and free Commonwealth that Mr. Archibald MCall, therefore may be admitted to be a Citizen is the utmost wish of your Petitioner and her Grandchild, who both stand in need of his Protection and aid Continued