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16. And whereas several laws have formerly been enacted in several of our Plantations in America, for so short a Time that the Royal assent or Refusal could not be had thereupon, before the Time for which such Laws were enacted, did expire; You shall not therefore give your assent to any Law that shall be enacted for a less Time than two years, except in the cases herein after mentioned; And it is our further Will and Pleasure, that you do not re-enact any Law to which the assent of us or our Royal predecessors has once been refused, without express Leave for that Purpose first obtained from Us, upon a full Representation by you to be made to our Commissioners for Trade and Plantation, in Order to be laid before us, of the Reason and Necessity of passing such a law, nor give your assent to any law for repealing any other Law passed within your Government, whether the same has or has not received the Royal Approbation, unless you take care that a Clause be inserted therein suspending and deferring the Execution thereof, untill our Pleasure shall be known concerning the same. 17. And whereas great Mischiefs do arise by passing Bills of an unusual and extraordinary Nature and Importance in the Plantations, which Bills remain in force there, from the Time of enacting untill our pleasure be signified to the Contrary, We do hereby will and require you not to pass or give your assent to any Bill or Bills in the assembly of our said Colony, of unusual and extraordinary Nature and Importance, wherein our Prerogative, or the Property of our Subjects may be prejudiced, nor to any Bill or Bills whereby the Trade and Shipping of this Kingdom may be any ways affected, untill you shall have first transmitted unto out Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, in order to be laid before us, the Draught of such a Bill or Bills, and