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shall have received our Royal Pleasure thereupon; unless you take Care in the passing of any Bill of such Nature as before mentioned, that there be a Clause inserted therein, suspending and deferring the Execution thereof, until our Pleasure shall be known concerning the same.

18. You are also to take Care, that no private Act, whereby the Property of any private person may be affected, be passed, in which there is not a saving of the Right of Us, our Heirs and successors, all Bodies Politick and Corporate, and of all other persons except such as are mentioned in the said Act, and those claiming by, from and under them. And further you are to take Care, that no such private Act be passed without a Clause suspending and deferring the Execution thereof, untill the same shall have received our Royal Approbation; It is likewise our Will and Pleasure, that you do not give your assent to any private act untill Proof be made before you in Council (and entered on the Council Books,) that publick Notification was made of the Parties Intention to apply for such Act, in the several parish Churches where the Premisses in Question lie, for three Sundays at least successively, before such Act was brought into the Assembly; and that a Certificate under your Hand be transmitted with and annexed to every such private Act, signifying that the same has passed this all the Forms above mentioned.