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Near Petersburg July the 13th, 18[??] Mr. Cowden Dear sur I sit down to communicate sad news to you. This morning the Lieutenant received a letter from Citty [sic] Point Hospital that Dickson was dead. I will inclose the letter in this. I cannot express my sorrow on hearing the news. His sicknes[s] in the first place was a bad cold but he thought he wold [sic] soon be well but he got worse and was sent to the 3 Div. Hospital. he stayed their afew [sic] days I went to see him as often as I cold [could]. he seamed to waist [sic] away every day. he was then sent [to] Citty Point and I hoped that with proper care he wold soon be well but alas my hopes wer]] vain. I feal discoraeed [discouraged] when