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Wakefield Feby 6 1832 Dear Sir You wish to know if I have made any discovery about the Burning of the Barn. I have not - I dont know of any person in the neighbourhood that could do it for spite to you or my self I have had no diferneess with any person except Uriah Head some 3 4 years ago. I drove him from the peace tress at the Burnt Hous James awent about leaving the Borse down at Bridg Creek and that has been 2 3 years since therefore I cannot think Either of them would anger you in this [hole in paper] aresenge of me we have been frindly ther since I have talked with all the people on the Subject to try and find it out they all appeare to upkeep a wish to do I have had no diference with any of them for them to do it do you think Sam could be bad enough to commit a deed of this kind for the diference your Ian & him had if he is I hop we may find it out I have seceretely inquired of old Iancy & those who you hear that night they say that he was in the kitchen or either in the Landry when they went to sleep- I can say with safety that there was no fur there when I left there it must have been caried there after we come away it is hard telling what is on a mans heart if you have reasons to beliave that Sam