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To the right Hon'ble Norborne Baron de Bottetourt his Majesty's {First?} as Governor general of Virginia as vice Admiral of the same as the Hon'ble the Council thereof The Petition of George Rogers John Winston Phillip Pendleton John Hawkins William Phamer Thurston John Todd John Rice Natthanniel Pendleton Bernard Moore William Overton Winston Joseph Rogers John Rogers William Smith Augustine Moore John Pendleton James Winston Lewis Webb Benjamin Lewis Henry Pendleton John Page [Jr?] Warner Lewis Jr Thomas Jefferson Thomas Strachan John Walker Alexander Donald John Johnson Patrick Morton Richard Surls Joseph Coleman Ambrose Powel James Boyd Edward Green Edward Brown Thomas Dowel John McColley Peter Ferguson John Sutton Joseph Hail Edward Baber William Shinall Thomas White William Dandridge Jr Isaac Davis Mordicai Heard Jr William Carr humbly shareth That his Majesty's Tithe to the lands situate on the east side of the River Ohio having been lately recognized by the [?] nations of Indians Your Petitioners humbly pray that they may have leave to take up as survey forty five thousand acres of land to begin on the lower side of the little Kankawa River at its confluence with the river Ohio as to run up the said Little Kankawa as down the river Ohio to compleat the said quantity in one or more surveys. And they will pray